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Stoplock; additional security for your car

New reports from the BBC* suggest that car theft continues to be on the rise in public areas with increasingly sophisticated devices which create no obvious signs of break-ins.

According to the BBC, thieves are using radio transmitters to interrupt signals from remote keys relying on the fact that drivers walk away from their vehicles whilst using their fob to lock them, providing an easy & perfect opportunity to seize a vehicle.

Drivers have been warned to check their car is completely locked before leaving it unattended but they should also consider additional longer term protection against the advanced technologies being used by thieves, particularly for keyless entry vehicles, such as Stoplock devises.

Stoplock has long been associated for protection for older cars but with increasing thefts of modern vehicles, Stoplock continues to deliver solid results as an antitheft deterrent.

The patented Stoplock designs cover a vast range of security devises for all types of vehicle & can be fitted in seconds providing the additional security required. Starting from £29.99, the range is worth considering for the additional protection for all types of car.

Focusing on the increasing thefts in Wales, Inspector Ian Richards from Dyfed-Powys Police is in the process of creating a Skills Training Centre which highlights the benefits of this type of additional protection, particularly in an areas where thefts of motor homes & caravans are on the increase. The Skills Training Centre will be used by the Nationwide Police services, local schools & Driver Awareness courses in addition to training of the police themselves. It’s evident that this tried and tested solution continues to be the choice of professional crime prevention.

Neil Haines, CEO of Saxon Brands Ltd, commented: “it’s a pleasure to be supporting Dyfed-Powys Police with the education of how Stoplock can be used to prevent car crime. The additional time required to remove a Stoplock is enough to deter a thief from getting caught. Designs have been improved within the range over the years and as a result we have seen a phenomenal increase in purchases as car owners are realising that tried and tested solutions are often the best”.

*BBC Report 3.12.2016:

The Stoplock range

Stoplock Prof – the top of the range model, the Stoplock Professional provides peace of mind & is Thatcham category 3 approved.  Not only does it feature 10,000 key combinations and a 10 year guarantee, it would require multiple cut points in order to remove this from the steering wheel making it best in test in Auto Expresses group test receiving a 5/5 score when compared to its’ closest rivals. RRP £49.99.

Stoplock Original – the epitome of steering locks, the Stoplock Original is the most recognisable product on the market today.  Designed to fit most vehicles, the lock can be fitted in seconds and simply snaps shut without the use of a key.  Utilising a flashing warning light, the lock has a possible 10,000 key combinations and a 5 year guarantee. RRP £29.99.

Stoplock Airbag – sharing the same qualities as the ‘original’, the Stoplock Airbag is designed for larger vehicles and those with a large airbag chamber. RRP £39.99.

Stoplock Plate Lock – stop thieves from stealing your number-plate with this ingenious kit. Each kit comes complete with security fasteners, colour caps and technical adhesive for front and rear plates, ensuring number plates are completely secure. RRP £4.99.

Stoplock Valve Lock - a simple solution to wheel and alloy theft, the Vale Lock kit includes five stainless steel anti-theft valve caps and fitting tools.  An easy and practical way to protect your wheels for just RRP £4.99.

Stoplock Van Lock – protect the contents of your van with this easy to fit lock, suitable for rear and side doors. Featuring a chrome-plated, hardened steel padlock with three keys, the lock is also zinc and powder coated for ultimate corrosion resistance.  The lock can also be used on sliding doors, gates and sheds.  RRP £34.99.

Stoplock Wheel Clamp – This versatile Stoplock Wheel Clamp can be fitted to wheels from 13” to 15”, whilst the central disc provides additional wheel protection.  The high security lock also features multiple combinations, and comes complete with two keys.  Can also be used on caravans and trailers as well as cars.  RRP £34.99.

Motorcycle Padlock – the Stoplock motorcycle chain and lock is the ultimate heavy duty offering with serious strength. 1.2 metres in length makes this "trunk" like chain ideal for securing to ground anchors, lamp posts or any securely fixed object. The 10mm hardened steel shackles ensure serious resistance to bolt-croppers and other hand tools, whilst the steel lock has a toughened casing ensuring there are no weak links in its armour. RRP £24.59.

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December 13, 2016

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