About Us

We have a proven track record as effective brand managers, with over 30 years’ experience of successfully distributing brands to major retailers.

Our experience and expertise allows us to attract and grow the business of Principals who use us to manage their brands.

Although many of our Principals are U.K.-based, we actively seek to work with overseas-based Principals wishing to enter the U.K. market.

Our Principals need make no major investment to have their products stocked by the best outlets in the U.K. market. We grow their business by using our long-established and regularly-managed relationships with major U.K. retailers (such as Tesco, ASDA, and Halfords).

Our Principals profit from the experience of our sales and marketing teams, who actively look for, and act on opportunities to grow their brands.

As brand distributors, we add value by ensuring that our Principals meet the needs of their customers more effectively than their competitors. We deliver a seamless service which takes care of the entire distribution operation from order to delivery as well as storage and logistics.

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